Danube Cloud Differentiators

Data center software solution out-of-the-box

with batteries included

Danube Cloud contains all required data center components right after installation:

  • hardware and container virtualization together on one physical box,
  • cloud orchestration and automation,
  • integrated enterprise monitoring,
  • advanced network management,
  • distributed OS image repository,
  • fast snapshots and reliable backup,
  • DNS management,
  • and many more...

No need to buy, install or configure 3rd party software or additional licences. Stable native containers support - run containers bare-metal securely.

Multi-tenant secure environments

by using virtual data centers

Danube Cloud virtual data centers are unique way to securely separate physical data center resources among multiple tenants (e.g. customers, projects, departments, ...). Each virtual data center consists of all resources needed for fully self-managed environments:

  • compute and storage resources,
  • private and public networks,
  • IP addresses,
  • OS images,
  • user and group management,
  • DNS domains,
  • and many more...

Virtual data center administration can be delegated to non-admin persons who don’t need to wait for the IT department any more.

Straightforward and easy to use

created by sysadmins to sysadmins

Installation of Danube Cloud is as easy as inserting a USB stick into the server. Our solution removes unnecessary complexities from typical cloud topologies. Since shared storage is not needed, scaling is done just by adding new servers. With leading edge ZFS filesystem, each physical server becomes also enterprise class storage. No matter if you have one server or an intercontinental hybrid cloud, everything is managed from a central web management and API interface.