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where we take part.
PyCon SK 2017 10th - 12th March 2017 Bratislava, Slovak republic
PyCon SK 2016 11-13th March, 2016 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Wolves Summit 12-13th April, 2016 Warsaw, Poland
Tech Summit & Gadget Expo 11-12th May, 2016 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Re-Industrialisation of the EU 2016 26-28th October, 2016 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
PyCon CZ 2016 28-30th October, 2016 Brno, Czech Republic
Web Summit 7-10th November, 2016 Lisabon, Portugal

Conference SUBF 2015 20-21th April, 2015 (Slovak-Ukrainian Forum 2015), Košice, Slovak Republic
DATALAN IT FORUM 21th May, 2015 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Cloud Computing Conference 2015 9th June, 2015 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
EuroCloud Slovakia Day 2015 16th June, 2015 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Telco Conference 2015 22th October, 2015 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Web Summit 3-5th November, 2015 Dublin, Ireland
Cloud Computing Conference 2015 10th November, 2015 Prague, Czech Republic