Every IT company knows that it won’t survive without innovation

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30. January 2017
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Every IT company knows that it won’t survive without innovation

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Danube Cloud is our unique software that is designed to create public, private and hybrid cloud data centers. The benefit of this software is its compactness – monitoring, backup, network management, and other additional services that you no longer have to build, because they are readily available. This innovative concept allows you to automatize routine operations, thus allowing you to fully address your customer’s problems. You will learn more in an interview with Patrik Skovajsa about what motivated the authors to create this innovative software.


What motivated you to create Danube Cloud? Was this product based on specific customer requirements?

We ourselves have worked as system administrators. We searched for a system for our partners that would fully automatize routine operations and enable us to address the real problems of our customers. Since such solution didn’t exist, we decided to create it. We used it only as a service to our customers in the early stages. It worked and our customers started using it even with their customers.
Our ideology is that local businesses should be able to provide services to their customers in such a way that they would never leave them. Many cloud services are now operated by US companies. Use of such a cloud in practice means that these businesses will lose customers. It is therefore important that these services are produced by local firms in our country or in Europe. Even in this case, our software can be useful for building clouds.

Who is Danube Cloud intended for and what benefits for business does it bring?

Our solution Danube Cloud Danube Cloud is used to create public, private and hybrid cloud data centers. Each type of data center is used by a different group of customers. Public clouds are mainly used by telecommunication operators. They especially appreciate the reliable, highly scalable solution with web management. Private and hybrid clouds are used for the customers of system integrators who require easy deployment, seamless operation and a high range of services it offers to its customers. Advanced administrators use opensource version of our software for their projects.

Tell us more about benefits of your software for building clouds.

Simple, fast, reliable, secure and available. Our customers prefer it also because of its compactness and integration. With Danube Cloud, you do not need to worry about other software that can’t be missing in data centers. You do not have to subsequently implement monitoring, backup, network management and other services, because you have them readily available. You can also try the benefits of our product for free through a simple online registration or by downloading the software itself on your own hardware.

What do you consider the biggest success of your company Danube Cloud?

We have gone through more than a five-year development. The biggest achievement is that we managed to push through a completely new concept of creating data centers. If you are already at this stage, it doesn’t sound so complicated. But when you’re starting and you come to biggest IT companies and tell them that they could do it in a different way, you’ll find it is not so easy. Today, every IT company knows that it won’t survive without innovation, and they welcome our solution. This makes us very happy and motivates us to come up with new ideas.

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Patrik Skovajsa
Patrik Skovajsa
CEO, Danube Cloud

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