Using Home Theater PC as a personal datacenter

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5. February 2017
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22. February 2017

Using Home Theater PC as a personal datacenter

Recently a fancy HTPC called Intel NUC ended up on my desk.

It has an Intel i7 CPU, so I considered it to be quite usable for some real media center purposes. In my case, I was just interested in installing a virtual datacenter management software to explore some Cloud on a Laptop opportunities.

First, I checked out what do I need to run my own virtual datacenter. In case you are going to run Danube Cloud on it, it’s basically just a processor supporting VT-x technology, reasonable amount of RAM, CPU cores and hard disk space. All these things are satisfied by the Intel NUC, as you can even mount a custom 2.5″ drive into the device.

Also we need a USB key (as an installation media) and an Ethernet network connection.

Then I started to follow the Danube cloud Quick start guide. The installation was quite straightforward, and after installation I could go on with spawning virtual machines on the NUC.

It’s that easy!

Pavol Kincel
Pavol Kincel
Software Engineer @ Danube Cloud

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