Danube Cloud For Data Centers

Danube Cloud for Data Centers

You don't have to repeat the same tasks over and over again. Focus on the real problems instead!

You may keep your infrastructure in house and still use high-quality software. Danube Cloud helps you to manage, monitor and simplify the overall workflow at your IT department.

First month support for FREE!

Become our reference customer and get support for the first month for free. We understand that it is difficult to adopt new technology and therefore our support offer includes also assistance with the initial setup. This is a unique opportunity to try Danube Cloud with our support. In case you choose to deploy Danube Cloud in your data center you will get a free training for your system administrators in exchange for your case study.

You pay only for the support.

Why to choose Danube Cloud

  • 100% open source
  • web-based management portal
  • easy set-up and operation
  • native container support
  • thorough documentation
  • affordable enterprise level support 24x7

Danube Cloud vs. competitors

  • 8x faster cloud infrastructure deployment and scale-up
  • 4x faster deployment of secure, multi-tenant environments
  • 2x easier network configuration
  • 4x more frequent backups with the same storage space used