Danube Cloud for Datacenters

Danube Cloud Datacenter Edition

The biggest advantage of using our solution for your data center is the fact that you can focus on real problems instead of performing repetitive manual tasks. There is no need to solve issues of space or speed. The only task that is left is to set your servers. This you can do in a way that fits your needs the best.

You still use on premises infrastructure, but with quality software, that allows you to create, manage, monitor, secure and simplify the whole workflow in your IT department.

Problems: Security. Observability. Complexity.

Solutions: Integrated backup and replication.

Unique virtualization and network security.

Real-time data consistency and self healing.

Monitoring with zero configuration.

Straightforward deployment.

No need for hardware routers and shared storage.

The most important thing you need to know is that the time is money. If you need to pay your IT department for every manual task they do, you lose money and they lose valuable time. How much easier it would be, if you could forget about all problems connected to data centers like security, observability and complexity, and go straight towards using the final product?

By this, you can increase your earning margins and lower your costs, which will allow you to focus more on your customers and also gain new ones. Especially, by bringing in an added value in form of a better and quicker support.