Danube Cloud for Service Providers

Service providers

With Danube Cloud, you can become a service provider. If you already are one, you can upgrade your infrastructure and lower your costs. By using our cloud management software, you can offer any number of services.

Services that the Danube Cloud is mostly used for: building public, private and hybrid clouds.

Problems: Lack of billing of all data center resources. Scalability. Security.

Solutions: Self managed customer portal.

No need for hardware routers and shared storage.

Integrated backup and replication.

Unique virtulization and network security.

Real-time data consistency and self healing.

Danube Cloud provides you with possibilities and tools to manage your virtual space and amend it according to your needs.

Finally, there is a complex solution with modern technology that keeps on developing. All this progress is at your fingertips, ready to be used.

We understand the difficulties and troubles you face. Problems such as lack of billing of all data centre recourses, scalability and security. All these problems can be solved by using Danube Cloud.