Two Main Reasons Why You Should Also Build Cloud

TOP 5 Trends in Cloud in 2017
10. April 2017

Two Main Reasons Why You Should Also Build Cloud

We all know that the IT market is changing rapidly. Moreover, this pace is always faster and faster. It is a natural development that we can notice in other industries. What you might not have noticed is that some of the trends are aimed against you. Based on hundreds of meetings with customers from all over the world, we have two recommendations for you:


1. Retain your customers

Our business partners lose part of their customers every year because they have chosen one of the big cloud providers abroad. It has an innocent start. Sometimes it is the partner himself who offers this option to their customer in good faith that the customer will save some of his costs related to running the infrastructure. After all, the partner continues to provide services and is pleased to be relieved from physical work with the data centre. Added value has long been gone elsewhere. He did not notice that some of these services are also moving to the cloud. Therefore, our partner is losing part of his profits every year. The only thing that keeps the customer with his partner is their relationship. They know each other personally. They know their history. However, the partner has eventually nothing to offer and ends up defeated in this competitive fight.


2. Get ahead of the competition

The only way to retain customers is to give them the same comfort as the mentioned American cloud services. At first glance, this may seem like an unattainable goal. How to compete with this giant player? Everything revolves around automation today. It is therefore necessary to find a solution that will relieve you from routine operations in the data centre, such as diagnostics of malfunctioning hardware, configuration of monitoring or repeated installation and configuration of operating systems and applications. This will not only reduce the time of delivering services to the customer, but also rapidly improve the quality of these services. Repeating many manual operations increases the likelihood of errors, which in turn increases the cost of quality control. Automation will give you the ability to replicate previous tasks with minimal effort. You will suddenly be able to cover more customers and bigger projects with the same team.

Patrik Skovajsa
Patrik Skovajsa
CEO, Danube Cloud

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